• Ania Schwartzman

Are those gucci?

That time I decided to zip line over the Las Vegas strip has become one of my favorite memories. I did it on a recent trip with my son who is 11 years old. It was meant as part of our special mom-son trip. Our very first one. I booked the experience months before the actual trip, in the cozy and safe space of my home. Anyone who knows me well would agree that I would never set foot on a roller coaster or anything requiring a sharp drop motion. Being everyone's coat and bag holder has always been fine with me. But the website that advertised the zip line experience made it appear like a casual swing ride in the sky. How bad could that be?

My son awoke the morning of the zip line experience with so much excitement. He was most thrilled that we would be doing this together. Typically, it's Dad that does these kinds of things.

When we arrived to the entrance of the zip line, we were led into a metal cage that would bring us 12 stories high onto the roof. It felt as if we were being lifted into a shark tank. Not kidding. When we were brought out to the area we would descend from, about 10 people were strapped into their harness, hanging over a ledge. They looked like laundry floating on a clothing line. Suddenly, a collective piercing scream could be heard as these 10 people flew over the las vegas strip. It was just about at this moment , I began sweating with fear. Whatever bravery I thought I had, escaped quickly from each and every pore of my body. My legs started to shake. What the hell was I thinking? Zip lining was not me! I would have to find a way to get back down. NO WAY I WOULD DO THIS! My son had been watching me from the back of the line. He slowly walked over to where I stood frozen in fear. He told me to join him on the line so that we could prepare to get our gear. I shook my head. Sorry, I told him, it's not happening. No way.

He smiled and then very gently placed his hand on my back, looked at me seriously and he said, Mom, you got this. I know you can do it. You are more brave than you think. How many times had I said the same thing to him? And we were and he was helping me. He was right. I had taken so many risks recently and nothing terrible happened. I knew I could do this. I did a meditation on behalf of our health and safety and I got on line. Before I tell you about the zip line ride I need share the best part of the story. Right before I got strapped in, as I'm praying under my breath and trying not to freak out, the young lady helping me with the gear looked at my feet and asked "Are those Gucci shoes you're wearing? So cool!" And of course, I snapped out of it long enough to reply, "why yes they are! Thank you!" I know that my son's words of encouragement gave me the strength to follow through and get on that zip line. But I have to say, that compliment on my shoes...definitely helped!


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