• Ania Schwartzman

Even fashionistas get cozy

It's freezing in NYC right I'm so cold I can't feel my toes kind of freezing. And it's going to get worse tomorrow. So how do I dress for this weather? Honestly? My most cozy sweater and fleece lined leggings. Stylish? Nope. But let's be truthful here, even the most fashion forward female doesn't want to freeze her tush off. So I layer up, and layer up and at some point I can't even put my arms down. Is it sexy? Nope. But am I warm? Absolutely! I have a good friend who loves to wear great clothes. She showed me what she was wearing today. A battery operated hoodie! Seriously! The sweatshirt was hideous but let me tell you something- She. was. warm. Really, really warm. Does wearing big bulky clothing effect how you feel about yourself? Does forsaking fashion for well being mean something? Does it demonstrate some deficient personality trait?

These are good questions. My response? Who gives a frozen icicle! Listen people, I love fashion and am passionate about the importance of clothes in my life. But, sometimes one must put aside her devotion to looking

good and instead focus on her desire to feel healthy. In fact, I would argue that the cozier the sweater the more confidence one has. Why? Because I believe that only someone incredibly confident and empowered would be brave enough to show up in her cozy warm clothes while all the other followers wouldn't dare. So ladies, get out your thermal onesies, your bulky sweaters, your fleece pjs and wear those gems with pride!


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