• Ania Schwartzman

I'm on T.V.!

Early Friday morning I’m staring at the face of Emmy award winning journalist Raina Seitel. She is asking me questions about my business The Fashionologist for a segment on NBC NY Live. I can’t stop thinking how wild it is that I’m actually doing this. When Raina first asked me if I was interested in having her interview me for NY Live I was floored! Though I had no idea what the experience required and I had never been on televison before, of course I said yes. I talk to my clients about taking risks and jumping into their fears. Now it was my turn.

Over the next few weeks we discussed what the segment would look like and I set out to find clients who would volunteer to share their stories and their time. I went to my favorite shops who were eager to loan clothes for the segment. I planned the outfits and worked on what I wanted to say. As the clock was ticking, my anxiety level was creeping higher and higher. I started to worry, would I be able to pull together everything in time? Would the clients pull out at the last minute. Would I forget to do something? There were times I was over thinking it, consumed with worry. But when I gave myself a minute to breathe, I realized I had been given an an extraordinary opportunity to to tell everyone what I do. This problem I was dealing with was actually a great problem to have.

The question I am most often asked is how am I different than a traditional personal stylist. My intention for this segment was first and foremost to answer this question. I founded The Fashionologist to describe the work I do as a psychologist who uses clothing as a tool to work on feeling one’s best self. I stand out from traditional stylists because I view clothing through the lens of a psychologist. I don’t focus on the structure of the garment as it relates to your features. I zone in on what the clothing says about you now and work together in a way that helps the client feel safe to tweak the outfit to match the persona you want to put out there.

 The evening before the interview I felt ready. I had all the clothing and accessories organized and my outfit hanging in the closet. I chose to wear my own Alexander McQueen spring 2019 dress with sea shell motifs scattered throughout the garment. I purposely picked it because of its structure and length. My intention was to appear confident and knowledgeable. I chose an over the knees dress that closed at the neck because I did not want to hint at anything sexy. I did not want that distraction and I wanted to feel comfortable. I specifically chose the dress because the cut of top, the buttons, and shoulders made me feel like I was wearing a military jacket. It made me feel confident. As I was winding down for the night, I started to panic. Were the patterns too much for television? Should I wear something else?I raced over to one of my favorite boutiques- within an hour of closing time- and grabbed a dress I had previously admired. It’s lovely lilac color, soft pale flowers and long length partially suited the message I was trying to put out there. It made me feel pretty, relaxed, but not powerful. I decided to wait until Friday to see how I felt and which outfit I would ultimately wear.

Friday morning I made it to the interview with tons of bags filled with outfits, shoes, steamer, static spray, safety pins, and extra accessories. When Raina was ready to begin taping they placed me next to her. I had no idea who to look at, Raina or the camera. Apparently it’s body towards the camera, face the interviewer. It’s quite an awkward stance by the way. It suddenly occurred to me that this was really happening. Weeks of preparation and I was actually doing it. I had chosen to jump into the fear instead of allowing it to hold me back. And you know what? It felt AMAZING! By the way, I chose the McQueen dress- I think it worked very well. Watch the segment and let me know what you think!


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