• Ania Schwartzman

just breathe

I started Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction Meditation in 2014. At first I thought I could never do it.  Sitting still and breathing was not only impossible for someone like me who hates feeling bored, but how on earth could it make me less anxious and more calm?
So I sat. And I got distracted. And I brought myself back to the breath. Again. Again.Again.Again.Again.Again.Again. Again. Again. And again. Over time, I kept at it.
I learned to not beat myself up for my wandering brain. I learned to take a PAUSE and just breathe instead of reacting. I learned that sitting and breathing actually helps me
to focus and feel calm.  I learned that meditation is a process and that there are good days and not so good days. And I learned that it's nearly impossible to sit still wearing a cute minidress.

Below is a link to a NYTimes article that explains how to meditate. Try it. And then let me know what you think. Enjoy!

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