• Ania Schwartzman

nothing says “cranky” on a dark winter day like an all-black ensemble

Winter weather making you feel blah? Me too! Blah is fine for a lazy Sunday afternoon on the couch reading the NY Times Style section. But come Monday morning, feeling blah doesn’t cut it. Our lives are so damn busy. We need to do everything we can to make sure we are prepared for all that we have to handle. We know that we can accomplish anything only if we feel our best. I believe that what inspires us to feel our best is influenced by what we wear.

These bone-chilling mornings make getting dressed suck. All I to want to wear are my soft black pants and my over-sized black sweater. But I know that nothing says “cranky” on a dark winter day like an all-black ensemble. Research demonstrates that color impacts not only how the world perceives us but how we feel about ourselves. I believe that during the winter months, it is critical to our well-being that we make efforts to infuse color into our wardrobes.

A few weeks ago, on a shopping trip to SAKS FIFTH AVENUE, I bought myself a rainbow-colored cardigan from Alice + Olivia. To give you the back story, I came to the store feeling anxious about a meeting I would attend later that day to plan for my daughter’s education and I had just learned that a family member was in the midst of a health scare. It was this mood that brought me to the rainbow-colored sweater.

I remember when I put the sweater on—I suddenly felt cheerful. The longer I kept the sweater on the longer I realized I needed this sweater in my life. I believed that this sweater would make me feel happy. What I didn’t expect was the effect it would have on others around me.

Wearing this sweater has brought so many positive interactions into my life. I have had compliments from women waiting for their coffees at Starbucks, men selling me fruit on the street, children passing by in the park, co-workers I never usually speak with, and even the supermarket delivery person. Everyone loves this sweater! I know that the colors bring them joy. I also know that the effects of their compliments on my brain’s serotonin levels—make me feel joyful too.

So as we dive deeper into this winter season, here are my 5 tips to spice up those days that make you feel blah:

1. Embellish a dark ensemble with a vibrant colored scarf

2. Glitz up an outfit with a sparkly headband, jewelry or belt.

3. Beautify your winter wear with hats and gloves in bright colors

4. Fancy up your ensemble with a captivating coat or jacket

5. Seek out the sweaters in colors that make you feel joy


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