• Ania Schwartzman

The world is changing and so are my outfits

I wore a dress yesterday for the first time in months. It was a beautiful day in NYC and I felt like wearing something cheerful, polished and chic. I choose a Chloe print dress with tall flat boots that gave me the boost I was looking for. What I realized later in the day was that in the last few months, I have been wearing a lot of black; Black bottoms and black tops. Black is a color I’ve generally stayed away from the last few years as I was gearing back to my stylish normal life” after the sweats and leggings of the years my children were babies. But with the stress of these last couple of months, I have been leaning in on comfortable, safe, unpretentious closet staples. If you look at pictures I’ve taken these last few weeks, I’m wearing dark colors like black and grey, cozy sweaters and comfortable sneakers. When the election was finalized, the energy in New York City changed overnight. I suddenly felt lighter and more relaxed. Unfortunately there are still terrible events going on in our country but with the election behind us, I’ve suddenly felt the urge to spice things up. The other day I purchased new make-up and I’m planning to change up my hairstyle very soon. I’ve also done some clothes shopping and purchased a glossy bright winter jacket. I am also planning to buy new statement shoes, something bold and colorful. The world is changing for the better and I am expressing my delight in what I choose to wear.


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