• Ania Schwartzman

The Fashion Mentor's 5 top tips

1. When people ask me, why do I hold myself back from doing what I love?

It’s mindset that hold any of us back from doing what we dream. You either believe things can change or you believe they can’t. Everything else is mental noise.

2. Number one question I get asked...Is this appropriate for my age?

There’s a reason stores separate clothes into women and kids—ask yourself, is this outfit something a teen would wear? If the answer is yes, put it down and walk away.

3. It's raining outside and woman shows up in an incredible outfit still wearing her rain boots.

Invest in a descent tote to carry your pumps-there’s no good reason a grown woman should wear rain boots with that cute outfit.

4. I see this all the time....Tighter and revealing isn’t always more sexy

Men like some mystery. Remember that saying? Why buy the cow when you get the milk for free? Bam.

5. Trying to decide to buy that item or not. When in doubt....walk away. If you find yourself missing it a day later—then it’s worth every penny. Really.


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