• Ania Schwartzman

What the hell, Lady!

3:44 am

I can't sleep! This jet lag is killing me! It's too early to start the day and I am feeling too exhausted to do much of anything! I keep ruminating about the HUGE exciting event coming up soon (BIG SURPRISE!--will keep you posted). I just keep wondering, what will I wear???

This is so typical of me, dwelling on the outfit, trying to figure out what I'll wear before some event. I truly believe that clothes are a language that expresses who you are. So, I take it seriously and every new event feels like an opportunity to explore my identity and where I am in the present moment--What do I want to reveal about myself today? What do I want others to see when they look at me? What features about my personality, character, nature am I willing and confident to put out there? Sometimes it's sweats and a t-shirt. Other times, it's that same outfit but spiced up with funky sneakers and trendy jacket. Same, you say? You've never seen my sneakers!

Leo (the most adorable Havenese dog ever) stumbles into the kitchen. He looks confused, like, what the hell lady! It's the middle of the night! Almost ready to go to bed, I think I know which top it will new spring Chloè blouse....for the bottom probably my Madewell ripped jeans.. maybe my PAIGE black straight leg jeans...definitely jeans to give me an edgy look. Ok, Leo's eyes are begging me to go back to bed. He's right, I need my rest. Wait! what shoes am I going to wear?!


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