What is a Fashionologist?


fash-ion/ fa-shen//ah-lo-gist

A Fashionologist is a blend of an experienced psychologist and a devout fashion lover.

I am a clinical psychologist with nearly 20 years of experience as a therapist that decided to combine my expertise with my passion for clothing. I am skillful at explaining the meaning behind what you choose to wear and how it will impact your sense of confidence, success, and overall empowerment. I rely on solid research on enclothed cognition, the skills I've mastered as a therapist and my own intuition about how to use clothing to achieve your goals.  I work with clients to create a personalized wardrobe that seamlessly aligns with how she wants to be perceived by the world.














Package 1

Conscious Wardrobe Transformation

An action-oriented wardrobe pivot managed and curated by the TF and ideal for:

  • Identifying the new key pieces that will enhance and renew your current closet 

  • Creating the ideal interview, new job or new work culture attire

  • Updating and modernizing your existing style for social media, photoshoots, presentations, or special occasions

  • Anyone who hates to shop, has no time to shop, or is not confident at mixing and matching wardrobe pieces and styles


Package includes:

  1. The Mindful Closet Edit (3 hours)

  2. Personalized shopping experience (2 hours)--Simply show up to your local retail boutique for your scheduled appointment to find your dressing room filled with transformational outfits ready to try on!  The TF will provide expertise to get you the look you want to present to the world

  3. Photos and exclusive TF resource list  for future purchases will be provided

  4. Access to TF glam team of exceptional hair, skin, makeup and photographic experts

Additional Opportunities:

  • TF can assist you in selling or donating unwanted clothing and accessories

  • Additional shopping excursions or on-line virtual shopping can be arranged 

Package 2

Mindful Closet Edit

An in-depth & personalized process of sensibly editing your closet to identify:

  • Wardrobe challenges that have held you back from dressing as you want to be perceived

  • Successes that meet your lifestyle and wardrobing needs

  • A remix and repurpose using existing clothing to elevate your style

  • Suggestions and future options to meet and exceed your future wardrobing goals

Additional Opportunities:

  • TF can assist you in selling or donating unwanted clothing

  • TF will take the stress of finding new items you desire by sending you suggested links to websites that offer exactly what you are looking for 


Virtual Mindful Closet Edit














Book The Fashionologist for your next event!


Ania offers informative, thought-provoking and educational presentations about the role clothing plays for women in achieving life goals.  Ania uses her psychology background and her fashion expertise to dive into keynotes, panel discussions, and workshops that deliver interactive and transformational experiences.  She is also available to co-host and collaborate on social events and podcasts.

For further information, contact Ania at:


Gift cards in all denominations available upon request

All TF travel expenses are billed separately

Note: Packages exclude the price of clothing purchased

Package #1:

Conscious Wardrobe Transformation

Package #2:

Mindful Closet Edit

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