Loved working in my closet with Ania, The Fashionologist. Her easy-going nature and keen eye helped prep some Spring-time outfits. Highly recommend!!


Ania made me feel comfortable and encouraged me to try on clothes I never would have picked for myself.



Working with Ania was hugely beneficial! She came over & we went through my closet piece by piece and reviewed what's in and out of style.  Ania put together outfits for me that I could wear out on a date night, on the weekend, or to a show. It was so helpful. 


I can finally breathe when I open my closet and drawers and see just the clothes I actually want to wear. I can put outfits together much quicker all thanks to Ania! She was the best and I highly recommend her services!




I needed help with my wardrobe as I tend to keep clothes for much longer than I should, wear clothes that make me look younger than I'd like, and buy things because of a good deal rather than the clothing item actually looking good on me...

I LOVED working with Ania. She was patient and kind but also wasn't afraid to tell me her opinion about certain styles and how I looked in them. This is just the beginning for me, but I feel like I made great progress with Ania's help.



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